VIDEO: Singer throws a flirtatious heart to Ángela Aguilar, new conquest?

After the scandal that led to an alleged courtship with the composer Gussy Lau, apparently the light at the end of the tunnel begins to reach the life of Angela Aguilarbecause on this occasion he received messages on social networks of hearts sent by the singer Erick Aragón, which were taken by fans as “flirting” and rumors of a possible romance were instantly unleashed.

Ángela, who is called “Princess of the Mexican regional”, continues adding successes to her career and this time she joined the celebration for LGBT pride month with a new song, to which the former leader of the Coveted Group also reacted with a heart and later that same video was shared by her on her Instagram account.

It is a cover of the song “Amiga Mía”, one of Alejandro Sanz’s greatest hitsalthough this time away from the Mexican regional with a different rhythm joining the electronic music artists, something that was to the complete liking of Erick Aragón when he showed it in a video accompanied by a black heart.

The rumors began a week ago when the singer shared a photo on his Instagram account in which they appear together with the message “Long live Mexican music”; however, some fans have pointed out that it could be a new collaboration.

Erick Aragón rose to fame as the vocalist and leader of Grupo Codiciado and it was the song “Gente de activar” that launched his career in music.although everything would end soon because a few months ago he announced that he would try his luck as a soloist.

Although he left aside the Mexican regional to take the trap as his new genre and combine it with corridos; In addition, he has made collaborations with important artists and among the most recent was with Grupo Firme when he launched “Gracias” in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Regulo Cano was another of the celebrities with whom he joined to create music and that is how the song “El coup informe” came about in 2019. Along with Max Peraza, he covered “Your consciousness” by Bandononona Rando Viejo.

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