Video: Spanish police shoot dogs in Tenerife during arrest attempt

Social networks spread a video in which Spanish police officers shoot three dogs during an attempted arrest in Tenerife.

Social networks spread the video where policemen shoot against a group of dogs during an arrest attempt. The event occurred in Spain.

As indicated, the video was recorded on Wednesday, March 29, where two policemen were observed shooting at least 3 dogs.

The Partido Animalista con el Medio Ambiente(PACMA) condemned the situation. This organization recalled that there should be a protocol for the agents to act in case animals are involved.

Police in Spain shoot dogs

PACMA shared on Twitter that this Wednesday morning, March 29, three police officers attempted to arrest a subject in Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands.

In the video, the agents have subdued who allegedly is the owner of the 3 dogs, who, by instinct, try to save their companion.

Therefore, the 3 dogs bark at a policeman, who tries to hit them on more than one occasion, which causes two of them to face him and bark more until they chase him.

Subsequently, the same officer falls, and the dogs try to bite him, at which point the second policeman starts shooting at them.

Finally, two dogs run away, while the third returns to where his master is, injured and shaking.

“Policemen shoot several dogs in Tenerife during an arrest on Wednesday morning. We are still gathering information.

This is why we are sick and tired of asking for law enforcement to be trained and prepared to intervene with animals.”

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Policemen shoot dogs in Spain (special)
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Policemen shoot dogs in Spain (special)

They demand the implementation of a protocol to act in the presence of dogs in judicial operations.

Given the situation, PACMA demanded that the forces of law and order be “instructed” and prepared to intervene in cases where animals are present.

They described it as “brutal” how the police in Spain dealt with the case since, according to one of the witnesses, two dogs died from the bullet impacts they received.

At the moment, there are no further pronouncements for the case. However, it is not the first time something like this has happened in Spain.

In 2018 and 2021, police officers in Spain shot at three dogs. Two of them died, and the third was seriously injured.

In 2018, in Barcelona, police officers got into a scuffle with the dog’s owner, allegedly for walking the dog without a leash and muzzle.

The situation triggered blows, and the canine would have bitten one of the policemen, so they shot him in the head and killed him. Other versions indicate that the dog only did bark, which is why the officers shot him.

While in 2021, a policeman from Barcelona returned a little more than a year-old St. Bernard dog to his home, from which he had left. However, when he returned, a second dog bit him in the leg.

The dogs then began to bark at the officer, at a distance of approximately one and a half meters, and the policeman took out his gun and fired three shots, one at Rey (German Shepherd) and the other at Bella (St. Bernard).

Both dogs took refuge in their homes and were later taken to the veterinarian by their owners. Rey died due to the bullets, and Bella lost an eye and was seriously injured in one ear with fractures in her jaw and zygomatic arch.