VIDEO: Susana Zabaleta reveals the serious illness that forces her to smoke marijuana

In the last weeks, Susana zabaleta has been involved in different controversies due to its position in favor of the legal interruption of pregnancy, however, on this occasion, The renowned actress and singer caused a stir on social networks by revealing that she suffers from a chronic disease that forces her to smoke marijuana.

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It was during an interview for the YouTube channel of the “Golden Scorpion”, where Susana zabaleta cHe confessed that he consumes marijuana, however, he pointed out that he does it to calm the ailments of his illness and assured that it is the only psychotropic substance he has tried in his life.

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“Mota, nothing else, never in my life have I tried anything else, but I put weed because, well, you are going to say, oh yes! But I have a mother called fibromyalgia, do you know her? It is a disease and then when you smoke you can move incredibly well, your bones and joints no longer hurt and you are terrific “, commented Susana Zabaleta who received various jokes from the content creator, who assured that her words were” drug addict pretexts “.

It should be mentioned that Susana Zabaleta is not the only famous person who suffers from this strange disease, because a few weeks ago Alicia Machado revealed that she also suffers from this condition, she even pointed out that it was this condition that put her at a disadvantage in MasterChef Celebrity Mexico and that for it ended up being eliminated from the successful reality show of TV Azteca.

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It should be mentioned that this disease is more frequent in people of the female sex and at the moment, there is no cure for this conditionHowever, it can be treated from different disciplines such as rheumatology, orthopedics, neurology, psychology and psychiatry. Fibromyalgia is associated with a generic predisposition, sexual, physical and psychological abuse, as well as a fast-paced lifestyle and poor health care.


If something characterizes Susana Zabaleta, it is her sincerity and her way of saying things in such a direct way, so it is common for her statements to cause an impact and to build enmities as happened a few days ago when she responded to Eduardo Verástegui’s position., who spoke out against the legal interruption of abortion and equal marriage.

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Given this, the actress did not hesitate to respond and in addition to demanding respect for the decisions of other people, she assured that “what shocks you, checks you”, For this reason, Alex Sirvent came out in defense of his colleague and assured that Susana Zabaleta is the antithesis of his career because his ways of thinking are totally contrary, in addition, he assured that he has never respected the actress either as a person or as an artist.