Video: Teenager dies after crashing a 4 × 4 Racer that his family gave him for his 16th birthday

A 16-year-old girl died after crashing a 4×4 Racer vehicle that her family gave her for her 16th birthday, and a video captured the chilling images.

A family from Veracruz, Mexico, decided to surprise their daughter by giving her the Racer-type vehicle last Wednesday. Hence, the young woman decided to debut it on the streets of the Petromex neighborhood in Poza Rica.

The young woman, identified as “Ameli S.” was riding in the back seat while her friend drove the vehicle and performed some acrobatics. However, when going down a slope on Pascual Ortiz Rubio street at speed, the Racer 4×4 jumped and lost balance, flipping in the air.

Here are the chilling images of the Racer accident in Veracruz, Mexico:

According to local media, Ameli was thrown to the pavement after the Racer overturned, causing her instant death, while her friend, the driver of the vehicle, was injured.


The video that went viral on social networks was captured by the family members of the young birthday girl, who went out to celebrate her motorized gift with her friend.

After the accident, paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross arrived at the scene. However, they could do nothing to save the young woman’s life as she no longer had vital signs.