VIDEO: The 5 corridos in honor of Rafael Caro Quintero, one of the most wanted drug traffickers in history

One of the most anticipated arrests both in Mexico and in the United States was that of the famous Mexican drug trafficker, Rafael Caro Quinteror, who after being released in 2013, returned to his old ways and was therefore captured again by the Mexican Navy.

His name has become a legend, and there are even regions where he was considered a hero because there was a time when he even offered to pay Mexico’s foreign debt in exchange for being allowed to continue working on the planting and sale of marijuana, the current President, Miguel de la Madrid.

This Friday, July 15, will go down in history and possibly be remembered in a song, since the arrest of Caro Quintero, a popular drug trafficker and founder of the Guadalajara Cartel, has become world news. Before such an imposing character, there were several composers who have written the capo’s life in songssame that are interpreted by recognized soloists and groups of the Mexican regional.

“Rafael Caro Quintero” The Invaders of Nuevo Leon

The northern artists launched a corrido dedicated to the famous character, it is a composition by Reynaldo Martínez that recounts the moment in which the drug trafficker was repatriated, after being detained by the police on one occasion.

“Caro Quintero” Virlan Garcia

The young man released the song “Caro Quintero” in 2016, a corrido that is part of the album “Y Changed My Luck.” Garcia stands out for singing regional Mexican songs, but he also tries his variations.

“Rafa Quintero” from T3R Element

The official video was released in 2017 by the group T3R Element, a group made up of three young people of Mexican origin, although the band was created in Las Vegas, United States, they work mainly in corridos.

“Legend Caro Quintero” by Gerardo Ortiz

The song was released in 2011 and is part of the album “Entre Dios y El Diablo”, in the verses it reveals some of the exploits of the capo and also social recognition of his hometown.

“Caro Quintero” Recruit Group

The friends of Grupo Firme also have a theme dedicated to Rafael Caro Quintero, they highlight in their song the business and the alleged acts that they attributed to him to blame him and put him in jail, although they also mention he wanted to live in peace with his family.

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