VIDEO | The House of Celebrities 2: Toni Costa speaks for the first time about Adamari López and their relationship

After the breakup starring Belinda and Christian Nodal, the second most notorious is the one experienced by the dancer Tony Costa and the Puerto Rican driver, Adamari Lopezwho through a video on his social networks announced that his romance of more than 10 years had ended in which they had a little girl, Alaïa.

And it is that such was the scandal that they unleashed that, despite already having a little over a year of this event, there is still talk about what triggered it. Although it seems that it was a friendly separation, the Spaniard is still unable to speak so freely on this subject.

Upon entering “The House of Celebrities 2”, Adamari López’s ex tried to avoid talking about his relationship with the owner of the “Hoy Día” programbut what she could not deny is that it was an important part of her life, because in the end she is the mother of her daughter Alaïa.

The dancer of Spanish origin has not taken even 24 hours to allude to the charismatic presenter within the most famous house on Hispanic television.

During a casual conversation he had with one of his companions, the Mexican actor Eduardo Rodríguez, The also Zumba instructor told how he began his love story with the co-host of Telemundo’s morning show and mother of his daughter Alaïa.

The choreographer Poty Castillo came for the one in Miami [refiriéndose a ¡Mira quién baila!], the same format, same producer and everything. And the following year he took me as an assistant, as a main dancer and then I met Adamari there, that’s when we got together, we had a daughter, 10 years old and a year ago we separated “, Costa told his partner on the reality show.

“I came to dance, to do my job and to Spain, for three years; but that happened the first time and that’s life, I came for work and stayed for love”added Adamari’s ex.

This is how Costa caused controversy, since he has always talked about his new relationship, but has tried to avoid touching on the subject of his former partner, a situation that has generated multiple comments and rumors about it.

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