VIDEO: The press interrupts Nathanael Cano’s conference and explodes on social networks

the controversial singer Nathanael Cano again he is in the midst of controversy after the singer of lying corridos had an altercation with the MS Band.

It must be remembered that this week a video was broadcast on different social media platforms in which Cano can be seen leaving a stage amid boos.

What is known is that this video shows the moment in which Nathanael Cano was upset after the mistreatment of peopleso he decided to do a rudeness to a promotional of the MS Band that was on the screen.

This unpleasant fact happened during his surprise performance at National Band Day in Los Angeles, California. After the controversial moment, Nathanael approached the press to talk a little about what he hopes his next album will be, which he will release in a few days.

However, at the time he says that this will be the number 1 album in the country very soon, press personnel thanked him for coming to the press meeting and asked that he withdraw.

before thisNathanael did not want to remain silent and on his social network accounts he expressed his annoyance through a message, in which Cano stressed that at that moment they took him crazy, but very soon they will know about him, emphasizing that they did not leave him speak, something that he did not take well because this happened after his tantrum on stage where he insulted the MS Band.

The tantrum explanation

After the clip went viral, the man from Sonora responded via Instagram and explained the reason for his annoyance, and also apologized to the “MS Band”.

Throughout his stories, the singer denied that there were boos, so he assured that his annoyance was due to the fact that his band was taken off the stage before it was due. Since he didn’t understand the situation, he would have also left the place and his first reaction was to make obscene signs to the band.

“There are always misunderstandings, but Natatyson should be booed, yes, no. And an apology to the MS Band, it was at the time, it was instant. I felt a little sad, for X or Y reason they took my group out that I didn’t realize, I still had time, but they didn’t boo me, Natatyson never gets booed”.

In addition, he shared a video showing that people are enjoying his concert, deleting the image that had allegedly been made.

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