Video: These were the last minutes of the life of Mixy Padilla, a hitman from the Gulf Cartel

She put on makeup and dressed up to go out and kill, and even recorded herself singing a narcocorrido moments before she died of gunshot wounds from the Mexican military.

Mixy Padilla, hitman and girlfriend of a local leader of the Gulf Cartel, was shot down by Mexican soldiers – Photo: Screenshots from the videos of @Elblogdelosgua1, @FuriaNegra77, and social networks / Courtesy.

A couple of videos captured the last minutes of the life of a Gulf Cartel (CDG) hitwoman who was killed by the Mexican military. The young woman put on her makeup and got ready to go out to kill without imagining that she would never return home.

In the first recording, the gunwoman appears aboard a pickup truck, wearing a white blouse with gold trim and a bulletproof vest with the initials of the criminal organization on top. The second video shows her wailing and screaming after she was seriously wounded during a confrontation with soldiers in the state of Tamaulipas, on the border between Mexico and the United States.

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According to the thread of messages posted on Twitter by user @FuriaNegra77, the young woman prepares for the shooting and relaxes by singing narcocorridos while recording herself with her cell phone. Apparently, this drug trafficker was called Mixy Padilla, according to her social networks. She boasted about her makeup and her sentimental relationship with alias Tilín, a regional head of the Gulf Cartel hitmen, whose cell called itself the Tilines in honor of him.

The gunmen encountered elements of the Mexican Army on a highway in the municipality of Miguel Aleman in Tamaulipas, and a chase and shootout ensued. During the shootout, a telephone conversation between the gunmen and a local leader of the Gulf Cartel was recorded and shared as a video on Twitter and Facebook. It is worth noting that a woman in agony during the dialogue can be heard (in the background).

They are killing us; they are killing us, they are killing us, here they are. They’re killing us, boss. They’re killing my colleagues,” a hitman shouts in desperation to his boss. Everything indicates that the woman complaining in pain is Mixy Padilla, and the one asking for help from his boss could be the voice of Tilin seconds before he was shot to death.

The Gulf Cartel is competing with the Northeast Cartel (CDN), both of which have former members of the Zetas cartel in their ranks, one of the bloodiest in Mexico. For the time being, the US Consulate in Tamaulipas issued an alert for its citizens planning to travel to the state.

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