Video: They capture an alleged giant rat in the streets of New York

Several netizens questioned the veracity of the supposed “giant rat” – Photo: Evening Standard / Getty Images

A supposed giant rat was caught walking down a street in New York; the user who filmed it posted the images on his TikTok account.

The TikTok user @ was in charge of sharing the video through the social network and although its duration is just a few seconds, the supposed walking rat can be seen quite clearly.

The images went viral quickly, since at the time of writing this note, they have more than 2 million “likes” and have been shared almost 200 thousand times, in just 6 days after being published.

Some netizens have questioned the veracity of the giant rat, since they consider that he “walks too slow”, and they think that it could be some kind of montage.

Unfortunately, the user account doesn’t exist anymore.

Some people mentioned that it is actually an otter or even wrote that it could be a wombat.

Although to tell the truth, the TikTok user did not bother it and let it go on her way, but was able to document the rarity of this supposed rodent.

It should be remembered that a couple of months ago New York City suffered an outbreak of a strange disease called leptospirosis, which is related to rats, according to health authorities.

This disease is transmitted by bacteria that could be found in fresh water that has had contact with the urine of animals, such as rats. Leptospirosis is not spread from person to person, except in very rare cases.