VIDEO: They capture Gerardo Ortiz driving with a few more drinks

The luxuries and excesses that some famous people live have put their lives in danger because they are unaware of the risks they may suffer. Such is the case of Gerardo Ortiz, the famous corridos singer who was recently caught leaving a restaurant in the United States, where he lives.

But what was out of place was that they saw him leaving the restaurant drunk and still decided to take control of his luxurious car and drive to his destination.

Although fortunately, Gerardo Ortiz did not suffer any type of accident for driving drunk. On social networks, the singer’s followers condoned his action because they criticized him for his life at risk and others.

Ortiz is a singer of regional Mexican music, especially corrido and narcocorrido. His life has been in danger in some attacks that he has suffered in our country.

Although he is known for his corridos, Gerardo Ortiz began his career in a musical reality show at a very young age. As you read it, the interpreter of songs like “Damaso” was part of “Fame Code,” although he was one of the first eliminated.

In various social networks, you can see Gerardo Ortiz in the reality show. In the images, he shows a promising future singing “La Del Pelito Chino,” a northern cumbia song.

Despite not winning the children’s reality show, Ortiz has obtained a lot of popularity, and his career has been very successful because the great affection of the people positions him as one of the favorites.

In his early years as a soloist, he was introduced to narcocorrido. The first radio hits that were heard in Mexico and the United States are “Dámaso,” “A la Orden del Flaco,” “El Supremo,” “El Perro,” and “Más expensive than yesterday,” to name a few.

With that side, Gerardo Ortiz conquered millions of people who became fans of his themes and lifestyle. On Instagram, he has 5.1 million followers. On Facebook, there are 11 million people who follow his path.

Gerardo made his debut as a father a short time ago, and although he rarely shares moments with his first-born son, he has revealed that he is in the best stage of his life.

The artist recently presented the song “Tranquilito”, then surprised his audience with the song remix next to the German rapper, something unexpected but which captivated people.

Gerardo Ortiz is celebrating ten years of experience. Although he no longer fully develops in the narcocorrido, he does have in his repertoire some lyrics with messages that refer to drug lords or illicit substances.