VIDEO: They capture the moment a tornado leaves one person dead and seven injured

Social network users captured the exact moment when a twister surprised the coastal city of Zierikzee, south of Holland.

According to the authorities, the gigantic air funnel left material damage, in addition to a balance of one person dead and seven injured.

“Emergency services are still working hard to get the full scope in sight,” Zeeland Veilig reported.

“The damage is considerable in several streets of Zierikzee. In addition to the tiles and the fallen treesthe roofs fell off four houses“, expressed the authorities.

And they added: “In total, in addition to the death, seven people were injured. One of them was transported in ambulance to the hospital and the others were treated at the scene.”

The person who lost his life was a tourist who was hit on the head by a tile, in the port area of ​​the city. While the injured are in nearby hospitals being treated, where they are reported stable.

“The whirlwind it didn’t stop growing. It reminded me of the American movies, with the hurricane hunters. It was as if the room was being vacuumed,” said a witness to the natural phenomenon.

The authorities called on the population to stay away from the area to facilitate access for the police and firefighters to work in the disaster area.

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