Video: They catch rats on the roof of the Camp Nou during the match between Barcelona and Pumas

Beyond the restorations and improvements, the Camp Nou stadium needs a good disinfestation because rodents have been part of the protagonists of the match between FC Barcelona and Pumas UNAM for the Joan Gamper Tournament.

Camp Nou is not just any stadium, it could be said that It is one of the most important in the world. With an incredible story and a capacity for almost 100 thousand spectators.

This Sunday, a video went viral on social networks in which you can see a strong infestation of rats on the roof of the stadium fact the fans in the enclosure denounced that.

After the end of the game that Barcelona won by a crushing 6-0 win, a fan managed to catch a rat on the roof of the prestigious temple of Catalan football.

The video was uploaded by a user named @rachelherr on TikTok, and from there, it went viral on other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

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In the audiovisual, the rat is seen running through a network. Also, fans claimed they had seen several, and they even made fun of the matter, indicating that the UNAM Pumas were the ones who brought the rodents to the stadium.

“Pumas just entered the Camp Nou, and they already left their plague,” “The Camp Nou was so clean and see what they do,” “Pumas not only lost but also left a little gift to those of FC Barcelona,” said the users in social networks.