VIDEO: They lift a giant snake with a crane on the Dominican island

They used a crane to be able to remove the huge snake.

Photo: Jan Kopřiva / Pexels

A giant snake was found on a Dominican island by workers logging a forest in the place; Due to its size and weight, it was removed with a crane.

According to the newspaper El Clarín, the snake, at least 14 feet long, caught the attention of the workers, which with impression, decided to remove it with a crane to avoid damaging it and in turn, not to react violently.

This is the video of the huge snake found on the Dominican island:

Users of social networks showed their amazement and fear in the video where the huge snake appears, which has thousands of reproductions.

The boa constrictor snake is a species native to the area, which can reach more than 14 feet long, however, it was not specified if the one that appears in the video is of that species, which, when attacking their prey, first bite with their teeth and then strangle them to death .

What is the largest snake in the world?

Interestingly, the boa constrictor is not the largest snake in the world. That record belongs to his sister, the green anaconda, which lives in the tropical rivers of South America.

Female anacondas average 11 to 15 feet in length, while males reach a size of up to 12 feet, however, these animals can grow to be much longer.

Young anacondas like to be in trees but as they grow they stop doing so. The adults spend their time in calm waters where they wait for their prey to approach to drink water.

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