Video: This is how you live in the smallest apartment in New York

The viral video showing the ‘smallest’ apartment in New York.

Photo: Axel Webber / TikTok / Courtesy

The TikTok user Axel Webber has been living in New York for a few weeksHowever, it only took about 72 feet to feel at home.

In a 46-second clip on the social network, Webber showed a tour of the small farm, which “has everything you need” to live in the Big Apple; ensures that it is the smallest apartment in New York.

The netizen aims to show on his TikTok account what the day-to-day would be like for those who are considering moving to Manhattan.

This is what you will find if you come to live in New YorkAxel Webber said. “No matter what your expectations are, you’d better lower them. As soon as you enter the door, there is the sink and right next to it is the kitchen, “he added.

Here is the video of the smallest apartment in New York:

Despite the size of the apartment, the young man seems optimistic, even going so far as to boast of having two beds, which consist of a bunk bed with two different mattresses. “I have two beds but only one ‘me’, so there are nights when I prefer the double bed and other nights when I rest in the single bed,” he says.

Finally, Axel shows a keyboard placed next to the mattress of the bed, already assuring that he is also a pianist.

Hundreds of comments from TikTok users can be read in the publication, who pointed out the absence of one of the most important and basic components of an apartment.

“Where is the toilet?” Asked a netizen, to which Axel responded with another question: Can’t you see the window? ”However, other users came to the defense of the tiktoker, explaining that in these types of apartments there is usually a shared bathroom.

Precisely, Axel made another post on his account where he explained how he went to the bathroom:

“Whatever you pay, it’s too much,” concluded another user, while others stressed “that at least he lives in New York.”

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