Video: This is the inside of the simple house of the controversial influencer Chumel Torres

the influencer Chumel Torres40 years old and who is one of the main detractors of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorrecently opened the door of his simple house in Mexico Citywhich allowed us to know the most intimate corners of his home.

Through a video, lasting more than 26 minutes, the comedian also gave presenter Isabel Fernández a tour of her apartmentin which he has been living for several years.


Your kitchen is small, but very well laid out. It is outfitted with red and gray cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and a small breakfast table for two.

Living room

His living room, which stands out for its walls painted in the most diverse tones, is made up of a red sofa, an individual black armchair, a wooden coffee table, a piece of furniture for his sound equipment and for his vinyls, for a ceiling lamp with a very original design, for a bookcase and for a very interesting collection of paintings that his friends have given him.

Television room

Its TV room is equipped with a very comfortable sofa, a coffee table, some stools, various paintings, a projector and a retractable screen.


His office, where he usually writes and on occasion has done his radio show, is made up of a white desk, a comfortable chair, a laptop, a bookcase, his YouTube buttons and several photographs of people who have inspired him throughout his life, as is the case with Michael Jackson, John Stuart, Bill Murray, among others.


Her bedroom has a large bed with gray bedding and headboard, a chair, various paintings, a pair of tall chests of drawers and a closet with its respective full-length mirror.

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