VIDEO: This is what the ‘humble’ ranch of Julión Álvarez is inside in La Concordia, Chiapas

VIDEO: This is what the ‘humble’ ranch of Julión Álvarez is inside in La Concordia, Chiapas

The mexican singer Julion Alvarez, 38, is someone very proud of his roots and he shows this with the videos he has shared on his social networks, in which he is appreciated working the land and taking care of his livestock in the ranch he owns in La Concordia, Chiapas.

Despite having a great fortune, the interpreter of ‘El Color de tus Ojos’ has not lost the floor, nor has he wasted his money.

His ranch house is very simple and like anyone else’s, it doesn’t have the great luxuries and only has the bare minimum.

His home, which is one story, goes completely unnoticed by his powerless lands, where his cattle and his cultivated acres are the main protagonists.

“The day-to-day activities start here very early and I do an activity that I really love and enjoy, which is livestock,” Julión shared at the time.

The house, which is painted green, showed it to us in a video that he shared on his YouTube channel, where, in addition, he let us see the close relationship he has with María Isabel and María Julia, their daughters.

Kitchen room

Its kitchen, which overlooks the dining area, is open and not very spacious. It is equipped with a brown pantry with shelves and stainless steel appliances.

Dining room

Its dining room is made up of a rectangular table, several woven chocolate-tone chairs and an altar with the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, since Julión is someone very attached to religion.

Living room

Its living room is made up of a gray sofa with cushions of the most diverse tones, a glass coffee table, a television, as well as a fan that becomes the best ally of the singer and his family during the hot season.

Game room

His house is so small, that the interpreter of ‘Me Vas a Extrañar’ has the fun play area of ​​his daughters in his very room.


Outside his house he has a terrace area, where he has various garden furniture and a never-ending hammock.

Green areas

The green areas are simply impressive and what about the facilities it has for its horses, for its cows and for the rest of its cattle, which do not ask for anything from anyone, being very well equipped and cared for.

It also has a palapa, which is where he usually meets with his family and friends to organize an exquisite roasted carnita.

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