Video: This is what the mansion that Chiquis Rivera sold for $ 1.7 million looks like

Chiquis Rivera plans to move to the city of Miami, Florida

Photo: rodrigo valera / Getty Images

Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, 36-year-old singer, plans to move to Miami, Florida, For this has decided to sell his mansion in Sylmar, California, for $ 1.7 million

The daughter of Jenni Rivera I buy this mansion five years after his mother’s death, his idea was to share it with his brothers. For a while he lived there with his ex-partner Lorenzo Mendez.

Rivera paid $ 970,000 dollars for the property, so if you compare it with the price for which you sold it a few days ago, you can see a big profit. People say that the place was remodeled, which made its cost higher.

The singer seemed to be very proud of her home, because on her YouTube channel she uploaded a video in which she showed her to her followers.

Its extension is 3,507 square feet distributed in four bedrooms, five bathrooms, hall, kitchen, dining room, living room, main room, television room, bar, office, balconies, garage, laundry room and other spaces that offered a luxurious life for four years.

The main room seemed to be one of Rivera’s favorite spaces, as he dedicated an entire video to the space. Inside the spacious room has a large bed and a personal dressing room, accompanied by a large dressing room.

As a space for distraction, entertainment and relaxation is the 0.51 acre exterior. Outside, the new owner will have a terrace, barbecue area, swimming pool, spa area, jacuzzi, basketball court with the Los Angeles Lakers logo, guest house, gym and fire pit.

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