VIDEO: Tom Hanks explodes and shouts profanities at some fans because they almost threw his wife to the floor

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

With a contorted face and a furious look, this is how a dozen fans glimpsed Tom Hanks last wednesday night after that some of them pushed his wife, Rita Wilson, and she almost ended up on the floor. Keep reading to find out the details!

The protagonist of “Forrest Gump” shouted angrily at the group of people and paparazzi that caused a riot that almost caused his wife to fall in the middle of the street.

It all happened last Wednesday night, when after a romantic dinner in an exclusive restaurant in New York, the couple headed to their car as a group of fans tried to capture a photograph of their meeting.

Although Tom Hanks was initially very smiling, everything changed when one particular fan got so close to Rita Wilson that He managed to destabilize her and almost cause her to fall in front of dozens of cameras.

The famous managed to regain her balance and avoid ending up on the floor; however, this did not prevent her annoyance from increasing due to the commotion caused by her leaving her restaurant.

For his part, Tom Hanks showed a facet that has come to light very rarely. In an attempt to control the situation, the 65-year-old actor he quickened his pace to catch up with his wife and with a contorted face shout to the crowd.

“My wife? Seriously? Get away from her, pushing my wife?”the actor from movies like “Cast Away” and “Saving Private Ryan” is heard screaming before rushing to the waiting car.

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