Video: Two men are shot in cold blood for their Rolex and Porsche

Shooting by a Porsche in the streets of Mexico City.

Photo: @c4jimenez / Courtesy

In cold blood a couple of thieves shot two men to deprive them of their Rolex watch and the porsche who drove through the streets of the Mexico’s capital. They were 15 seconds of terror, in which the aggressors took advantage of the traffic light turning red to shoot their victims.

This assault was recorded in a first video from the surveillance cameras of Mexico City, which circulates on social networks. The recording shows the moment in which the criminals shoot, while the drivers who witness the Stole they try to get away immediately for fear of being attacked.

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There is another video, in which the bloodstained Porsche appears, with the windows broken; in the middle of a security fence that the police installed to allow an ambulance to treat the two men wounded, one of them for a bullet in the nose, and his companion for a shot in the right femur. Both were taken to a hospital where they were reported out of danger.

The mexican police managed to stop one of the attackers when he was escaping in a taxi; the accomplice fled, despite the initial search operation that was mounted, but they already have the portrait of him spoken and continue with the investigations to find him. The authorities suspect that these thieves could be related to other similar robberies, since the victims also drove sports cars.

By the way, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of Mexico City recovered the Porsche and a luxury watch from the Swiss brand Rolex and other belongings of the victims. The articles were made available to the local prosecutor’s office. In addition, security was reinforced in the area of ​​​​the assault.

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