VIDEO: Vadhir, son of Eugenio Derbez, exploded against those who claim that his father manufactured his career

Load with The surname Derbez is not an easy task, and the fact is that the legacy did not begin with the Mexican comedian, Eugenio, but with his mother, Doña Silvia, who was known as the “Queen of Telenovelas”. This situation is well known to Vadhir, who is the son of the also producer, the product of his second relationship.

With only 30 years of age and two decades working in television series, soap operas, commercials and, in recent years, in the world of cinema, Vadhir seems to carry penance with his illustrious surname.

The singer, who is also a singer, has received criticism of his acting work for a long time, but the most recent, from the film critic and producer Kristoff Raczynski, has generated in Vadhir the need to respond.

And is that orAnother thing that adds to his work in film, are the indications that the opportunities are due to the fame or influence of Eugenio Derbez.

Convinced that today the world of cinema, specifically in Hollywood, gives talented Latinos better opportunities, Vadhir added in an interview for the program “De Primera Mano” that this is very important because it confirms that not only are Latino actors good, but that they can also achieve success in the United States.

Around this, he faced the criticism that is spilled on his acting work and defended his position before his detractors.

I believe that whoever has followed my career or whoever sees it is going to realize all the effort behind it. It would be impossible for everything I’ve accomplished to be gifted to me, you know, not even half of it. I have always been a person who is singled out for that, who believe that my career in film is thanks to my father, Eugenio Derbez, in such a strong way I have always tried to get away from something like this “.


This was confirmed by the actor, who expressed how it works for him and his brothers to work in the entertainment industry.

“I believe that right now everyone’s careers, both mine and my brothers, are already at such a strong level that we have allowed ourselves to collaborate together and work together, because it no longer feels like one is hanging on to the career of the another, somehow ”.VADHIR DERBEZ

To culminate, he accepted both he and they know how it works: “We have already learned over time to enjoy this race, try to do positive things and that people like to see us, see what we do and that there are not so many negative things, and when there are, we have a shell or a slightly thicker skin. But we already know, it is knowing how to play the game a little bit ”.

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