Video: We take you to see the incredible and picturesque mobile home of Los Recoditos

Los Recoditos tour Mexico and the United States in their spectacular mobile home.

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

the grouping The Recoditoscreated in 1989 by the children and friends of the members of the Band El Recodo de Cruz Lizárragapremiered an impressive bus in mid-2021 that not only serves them to move around Mexico and the United States, but also works as a real mobile home.

The bus, a Volvo 9800stands out for its beautiful blue body personalized with the logo and the name of the successful group, but also for its interiors.

In some videos published by Christian Oronia and by Jair Aviles was that we were able to see the adapted interiors of the beautiful unit, which is not equipped with traditional seats, but rather has a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and even a games room.

Kitchen room

The kitchen is equipped with a retro black fridge and a blue microwave oven, so they don’t suffer for food.

Dining room

The dining room, located just off the kitchen, has two granite tables equipped with four gray stools.


To one side of the dining room is the living room, a space that is made up of two sofa-trunks, as well as a television.


The bedroom is made up of a closet and more than 20 totally independent beds to guarantee the rest of each one of the members and the members of the staff.

All beds are equipped with a single mattress, a lamp, outlets, air conditioning, a cabinet to store personal items, and a curtain to isolate light.

Game room

In the remaining space of the bus, a games area was installed consisting of a built-in television and various video games.

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