Video: Woman in Mexico shares her wedding with the Devil through TikTok

Although such marriages to Satan have been known to happen, they are often undisclosed and very private.

Photo: Ronaldo Schemidt/AFP/Getty Images

Catemaco is a famous tourist destination in Mexico, located in the state of Veracruz, which is extremely striking since it is said to be the “cradle” of magicians, healers, fortune tellers and sorcerers, both white magic and black magic.

And precisely, in social networks there is a lot of talk about this place, since it isn Tiktok a video was shared which apparently shows a wedding between a woman, nothing more and nothing less than the devil.

According to internet users, it is the first time that content of this type has been shared. The images show the sorcerer identified as Enrique Marthe, formalizing the ritual between this woman and Satan, inside the “El Ahijado” Ceremonial Center.

“What unites us today will never be disunited and even less so because you are the main one, oh Luzbel, oh Lucifer, give this lady the power to feel happy, to feel full, to feel capable, to become totally energized, in all senses and in all aspects”, says the sorcerer.

Also, you can see a lady, dressed in white and with a bouquet in hand, while the sorcerer places what appears to be a bow on her, as is customary in conventional weddings.

Those who know the place assure that this type of rituals are quite common; However, a “marriage” with the devil is a ceremony that is usually held in private and with restrictions, which is why it was shown on social networks and has generated an impact.

To close the ritual, the sorcerer

He asks the woman several questions, in which she answers yes, she asks if she came for her own pleasure and if she accepts the devil as a companion in your life.

“Will you never regret it, no matter who tells you something, what the church thinks, the religion of your family or friends?” Marthe added, to which the woman replied “I don’t care.”

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