VIDEO: Woman resists assault and criminals kidnap her

VIDEO: Woman resists assault and criminals kidnap her

VIDEO: Woman resists assault and criminals kidnap her

Photo: Video capture / Courtesy

An employee of a food establishment located in the municipality of Apaseo the Great, in the state of Guanajuato, it was deprived of liberty after he resisted an assault perpetrated by two subjects, one of them armed, this in an area where drug traffickers charge extortion money.

According to local authorities, the incident occurred within the Rosticería León in the community of Castle where the two subjects entered the establishment and began to struggle with the woman, as seen in the security recordings.

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In the scenes you can see how the woman struggles with one of the criminals, who was her pulling hair to move it, while the other threatened a man with a gun who tried to defend the woman with a chair.

In a second video you can see how the woman is forcibly taken to a white truck without anyone trying to avoid itor apparently by threats from criminals.

According to witnesses, the subjects were going to commit a robbery and one of them even carried a piece of cardboard like the ones that the drug trafficking groups place in those businesses that have resisted paying extortionHowever, in the end they kidnapped the young woman whose identity has not been provided.

Until this moment, the Mexican authorities have not given more details about the incident, however, the search continues for a Dodge Journey truck where the victim was taken.

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