VIDEO: Ximena Sariñana talks about the day she beat herself up with Danna Paola

VIDEO: Ximena Sariñana talks about the day she beat herself up with Danna Paola

The talks of the famous Mexican youtuber, “The Golden Scorpion”, they become more and more popular, and it is that the conductor manages to extract unexpected confessions to his guests, such was the case of the Aztec singer, Ximena Sariñana.

The daughter of the famous film producer decided to be spontaneous and fun with the influencer, to whom she unexpectedly confessed that she had a “fight” with another very famous and popular Mexican interpreter, dealing with nothing more and nothing less than the renowned one, Danna Paola.

“How funny you ask me, because I think the last interview I saw of yours was with Danna Paola and she tells a story, and I was that girl who fought with Danna Paola”Ximena joked in the interview.

In the end, the actress also did not clarify if she said it as a joke or it really happened, but during that interview her 26-year-old partner told about the beating she gave another girl when she tried to defend herself from some criticism.

On the other hand, she stressed that she was very bad at defending herself and for this reason she suffered a lot of teasing and harassment by other children when she went to school, as they pointed her out for being a celebrity.

In turn, she added that she was a very shy and calm girl, so she preferred to ignore the attacks of others and commented that she was not a quarrelsome girl at all.


In the interview that the youtuber conducted with the interpreter of “Hey, you”, she said that she was only 9 years old when she was recording a soap opera and one of her classmates told her that it was “horrible” and she was a “donkey” for not knowing about history.

This caused him to immediately defend himself and he responded with a slap, but he never confessed who that girl was who told him that.

They recently interviewed Danna Paola on whether there is a rivalry with Belinda, to which the actress also broke the silence: “Never in my life, in fact, I know how to imitate her very well”was all he said to clear up the rumor.

The protagonist of the series “Elite” was questioned about the possibility of doing a duet with Christian Nodal, Belinda’s fiancé, and although the composer from Caborca, Sonora, recently declared that he has no intention of singing with her, to which Danna Paola couldn’t help but respond.

“I would love to collaborate with everyone, I collaborate with anyone, it’s incredible, the father of this industry is sharing music”

In weeks ago, it was said that Danna also had a rivalry with Eiza González, but that has also been denied.

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