VIDEO. Yordi Rosado injects himself with botox… in his armpits?

Mexico.- The program Members on the air continue to surprise viewers with their occurrenceson this occasion its members managed to resolve a large number of doubts with the aesthetic procedures specialist Karen Carrillo, who spoke about the benefits of injecting botox.

Yordi Rosado was one of those who dared to lend his body to test aesthetic procedures and their benefits. Everyone was surprised to see the host and comedian take off his shirt, raise his arm and receive some dose in the armpits.

As revealed, injecting botox in the armpits is something he has done on several occasions and boasted excellent results. The procedure to which Yordi Rosado underwent live helps prevent excessive perspirationwhich it does more frequently in hot seasons.

On the other hand, Raúl Araiza was also one of the members who was encouraged to undergo a process to rejuvenate himself. Hoy’s driver lent his face to be injected in different areas and thus help reduce his expression lines.

Botox treatments are no stranger to celebrities, as most of them come in from time to time to get a touch-up to stay young. In most cases, the face, neck, chest and hands are treated.

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