VIDEO: Young man fights the death of a miracle, escapes from burning car before dying burned

After several days of the accident caused by the crash of a trailer in the San Marcos booth of the Mexico-Puebla highway last weekend and that caused the death of 17 people, the stories do not stop emerging.

Now we introduce you the story of a young man who lived through the most distressing moments of his life, after looking at how his car was destroyed and on fire, so his only chance of survival was to star in a true act of escapism.

A) Yes, amid the twisted iron of his vehicle, he found the possibility of getting out between the gap left by the sheets, first rolling through the rubble to stand up and walk dazedly to request help.

The miraculous moment was released by social networks, where a video circulates with the exact moment where the man in a white shirt and jeans is seen walking disoriented as if it were part of an action movie. So far his identity and health status is unknown.

According to the authorities, of the sinister It was confirmed that there are 17 and not 19 dead, where 11 vehicles were involved, after a truck hit 10 more cars, causing fire in several of them.

The victims are 10 women and seven men, of whom the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico reported that the Identification was made with a DNA test.

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