VIDEO: Zelenskyy breaks into the Grammys, “There is nothing more opposed to war than music”

During his performance, the stage was illuminated with the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, spoke at the 64th Grammy Awards gala with a previously recorded message in which He asked the artists present at the event not to remain silent in the face of the Russian invasion because “there is nothing more opposed to war than music”.

“Silence is death, tell the truth in your lyrics, on networks or on television, but never be silent,” the president continued.

From the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, where the Grammys are exceptionally held this year, Zelenskyy had the opportunity to deliver his message; something that many criticized in the last edition of the Oscars, where the Hollywood Academy limited itself to keeping a minute of silence for those who died in the war.

“Our musicians do not dress in suits, they have had to go out and fight to defend the freedom to love, live and have their music heard”, completed the head of the Ukrainian Executive from the same place where he usually makes his speeches.

Zelenskyy’s intervention ended with some hopeful words: “Peace will come to all our cities in Ukraine and we will be free as you are today on the Gramm stageand”.

Zelenskyy’s message was followed by a performance by John Legend, who premiered the ballad “Free” on the piano alongside Lyuba Yakimchuk, a Ukrainian poet from the Donbas region who left the country a few days ago.

“Protect my husband, my parents, my son and my motherland,” was one of the phrases Yakimchuk recited in English.

The Grammy stage was lit up with the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flagwhile the screens projected images of the armed conflict.

Last week it was rumored that Zelenskyy was going to intervene at the Oscars, according to statements by presenter Amy Schumer in which she admitted that she proposed that idea to the producers of the gala, but finally it was the Grammys, the most popular awards in the music industry, those who have included the message.

The Grammy organization has also set up a helpline for those affected by the war in collaboration with the organization Global Citizen, to which viewers can contribute.

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