VIDEOS: 4 Gulf Cartel gunmen killed after shootings and persecutions in the border city of Matamoros

VIDEOS: 4 Gulf Cartel gunmen killed after shootings and persecutions in the border city of Matamoros

Photo: Social media video capture / Courtesy

People of the city Matamoros border in the state of Tamaulipas suffered around six hours of terror due to shootings, chases, roadblocks and vehicle theft, unleashed by organized crime, and that left an unofficial balance of at least four hitmen from the Gulf Cartel (CDG) killed.

The clashes began when state police intervened to prevent the theft of a trailer by an armed group on a street in the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood, in the south west of Matamoros.

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The hitmen fired at the agents, which left two policemen wounded. It was not reported what the trailer was carrying.

Minutes later, elements of the Mexican army and the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) who arrived in support, clashed with gunmen who were traveling in at least eight vans at the intersection of Constituyentes and Casablanca avenues, in the Valle de Casablanca subdivision.

In a video the convoy of criminals is seen moving at full speed, and when passing by a flea market gunshots are heard, a fact that caused customers to run in terror.

On Mexicali Avenue, one of the trucks crashed into a taco stand, a situation that caused the owner to be apparently seriously injured.

In the place, in addition, four people were observed lying on the floor, who are presumed to be gunmen fleeing the Army and unofficially reported that they are gunmen killed.

In addition, there were three other clashes in the Chulavista and Section 16 colonies, as well as in the center.

Despite the multiple acts of violence, no authority officially reported what happened.

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