Videos and photos of 6 moments that show the chaos and drama in Afghanistan

Videos and photos of 6 moments that show the chaos and drama in Afghanistan

President Joe biden defends the United States’ exit from Afghanistan, recalling that its own authorities surrendered to the Taliban and that the US military “cannot fight a war” that is not theirs.

The departure of the US Army will take several days to ensure the transfer of diplomatic personnel, their families, as well as Afghan allies.

To the defeat of the Afghan government, with the escape of the president Ashraf ghani “To avoid bloodshed,” was followed by the arrival at the presidential palace in Kabul of the Taliban leaders, amid the chaos in the streets, of thousands of people trying to leave the country.

“If you were in Afghanistan right now, you would surely be doing this,” said Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding, who rose to fame for his criticism of the US Administration. Donald trump for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. His message was accompanied by a viral video showing dozens of people trying to board a plane.

The restrictions by the Taliban began in the country, by covering everything that opposes the extreme ideology of Islam. Women lost their earned rights. International media highlighted that few women were seen on the streets.

The desperation of the people to leave the country led some to hide in the tires of an airplane, but they fell when the plane took off.

Another video of a plane in flight shows the shadow of a man trapped in the outer equipment of the plane, in his attempt to escape the country.

A photograph shows how more than 600 people managed to enter a military aircraft that got them out of Afghanistan.

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