Videos: Fierce shooting between Mexican police officers and the narco Rambo de Colima

Shootout between Rambo de Colima and Mexican police.

Photo: Capture taken from the video by @OscarAdrianL / Courtesy

a fierce shooting Come in mexican police and drug traffickers commanded by a subject, known as the rambowas registered in Colimaon the Pacific coast, one of the smallest states in Mexicobut with big problems violence and insecurity due to the presence of the drug cartels. The reports of the Department of Public Security state indicate that the assassins they fired from the roof of a house at the police, who repelled the attack and the shooting broke out. The violence reached such a degree that the residents were forced to take shelter for a couple of hours in their homes, pharmacies, stores and shopping centers. Several videos of the confrontation circulate on social networks.

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The video recordings show the house from where the drug traffickersas well as the persecution of criminals and the fear experienced by the inhabitants of the neighborhood of Spaina, in the capital of Colima. By the way, the house in which the criminals barricaded themselves had a damaged facade due to the more than 100 bullets it received. In addition to the fact that the activities in a local fair were suspended and the children had to get off the mechanical games in the face of danger.

What happened to Rambo?

The Rambo from Colima and his assassins entrenched themselves, then seeing that they were losing the firefight, they tried to escape; The officers chased them and finally managed to stop him, as reported by local authorities on their official Twitter account.

“The aggressor barricaded himself in a building in Placetas, where he was captured in possession of various weapons. an agent of the FGE injured. Out of danger ”, reported the Ministry of Public Security.

What cartels operate in that state?

Colima’s geographic location is one of the reasons it is terrorized by drug cartels, as it is in the middle of Michoacan and Jaliscoor. These last two states are the cradle of the bloodiest criminal organizations in Mexico, such as: the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), in whose name it reveals its headquarters; as well as the New Michoacan Family, Viagras and the strap; All three are grouped in United Cartels operating in Michoacán.

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