Videos of Chabelo and Cesar Costa

Between the years 1978 and 1987on Mexican television a program called “Ambrose’s Carbine”, which was a comic, magical and musical show full of sketches that amused viewers. The cast was made up of different personalities from the world of entertainment, among which stood out Chabelo and Cesar Costa.

Some of the sketches that Mexican families were able to see were: Guillo the altar boy, La escuelita, The ventriloquist and Pujitos, The word Sings, and Market of tears. In the same way, the cast was slightly varied because in each season new characters appeared, played by different actors and of course, there were also seasonal hosts.

Notably some of the show’s actors won TVyNovelas awards in the categories “Best Comedy Actor”, “Best Comedy Actress” and naturally, its producer Humberto Navarro won the award for “Best Comedy Program.”

Chabelo and Cesar Costa in Los Pandas

As we have mentioned in AmericanPost.News, Xavier Lopez “Chabelo” and Cesar Costa participated in some of the sketches of “Ambrose’s Carbine” and one of them that amused the public, was called “The Pandas”, in it you could hear the occurrences of a panda father and a panda son, who were dedicated to telling jokes.

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Chabelo and César Costa in Los Cuñaditos

Another Sketch in which they participated Chabelo and Cesarr was one called “The brothers-in-law”. There, Xavier played the Chabelo baby, a very young child she was fighting with her sister’s boyfriend to receive care.

What was the name of Chabelo’s character in Ambrosio’s rifle?

What was the name of Chabelo’s character in Ambrosio’s rifle?

During the transmission of “Ambrose’s Carbine”, Xavier Lopez Rodriguez, better known as chabelogave life to several characters that were: Chabelo Olsen, Guillo the altar boy, Pujitos, Son pandita and Nene Chabelo.

As for César Costa, he played: The host, Father Chispita, The Pujitos ventriloquist, Gulp, The prince, The market presenter in tears, Papa pandita and Brother-in-law César.

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