Videos show Debanhi going to a party, arguing with a young man, getting into the taxi and running into the Motel

The case of the young Debanhi Escobar missing and found dead in a motel cistern in Nuevo León, Mexicoon April 9, 2022, begins to be clarified thanks to the help of videos broadcast by state authorities and Mexican media.

On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 28, 2022, during a press conference, Nuevo León authorities released several videos where Debanhi is shown walking towards the Motel.

The videos authorized by the young woman’s family to be broadcast begin after the viralized photograph taken by the taxi driver, at 4:26 in the morning, who left Debanhi on the Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo highway, at the height of the municipality of Escobedo.

In the videos, the young woman is seen going to a trucking company with trade name Alcosa and it is not appreciated that it enters the premises.

Minutes later He heads towards the Motel Castilla where the young woman runs through the main entrance where you can see a “pen” that controls the access of vehicles.

Later walk through the courtyard of the moteland according to the prosecutors he went “to the area of ​​the cistern”, where his body was located.

“The videos are presented so that the public can confirm that there is no other person following Debanhi,” said Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero, Attorney General of the Mexican state of Nuevo León.

Later, on the night of this same Wednesday, April 27, the Mexican media outlet Milenio, led by the journalist Azucena Uresti, also released several videos where at first Debanhi is seen going to a convenience store to buy wine for the party with two of her friends.

In another video it is shown Debanhi arrive in the taxi to the party with a group of friends around 11pm.

At another point in the videos, you can see the young woman quickly leaving the party, around one in the morning, while a young man follows her and tries to stop her. Debahi slaps and kicks the young man while another group of people approach to try to calm the situation.

Later in another shot of the video it is shown as the taxi arrives and Debahi gets in the back while one of her friends approaches the taxi driver’s window with whom she talks.

These videos are added to the statements made by taxi driver Juan David Cuellar made to Mexican media as INFO7 of TV Azteca Monterrey, who assured that he tried to prevent Debahi from getting out of the car to take her home safely.

Given the serious “omissions and errors” in the investigation of the case, the Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office, in addition to disseminating the videos, announced the dismissal of the Specialized Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons and the Anti-kidnapping Prosecutor.

“Due to omissions and errors, the decision was made very energetically to remove Rodolfo Salinas, Specialized Prosecutor for Disappeared Persons, and Javier Caballero, Anti-Kidnapping Prosecutor,” Gustavo Adolfo Guerrero specified.

The prosecutor also reported that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador offered help in the investigation through the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) of the Mexican Government.

The prosecution reiterated that the cause of death of the young Escobar Bazaldúa was the product of a “deep skull contusion”impact that the necropsy located in the forehead.

Despite this, prosecutor Guerrero reiterated that “no line of investigation is ruled outincluding an organized crime murder.”

However, one of the lines of research is that Debanhi accidentally fell into the hotel cistern still alivesince the videos do not show that anyone was following her or was with her.

The Prosecutor’s Office hopes that this hypothesis will be confirmed when the autopsy studies are completed.

Meanwhile, the girl’s father, Mario Escobar reported that the family ordered a necropsy to be carried out on their own of which the results could be presented this Thursday.

With information from agencies.

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