Videos show the violence that erupted outside BBVA Stadium after Rayados de Monterrey’s loss to Cruz Azul

Violence around the BBVA Stadium after the match between Rayados and Cruz Azul causes anger among soccer fans.

In the startling aftermath of the Day 6 Apertura 2023 match between Rayados de Monterrey and Cruz Azul at the BBVA Stadium, the soccer community is reeling from episodes of violence that have tainted the spirit of the sport. While the match ended in an unexpected defeat for Rayados de Monterrey, the incidents outside the stadium raised even more alarm.

Witnesses and videos on social media provided evidence of the violence that erupted in the vicinity of the stadium. These incidents led to several injuries and significant acts of vandalism. One particular video showcased a terrifying incident where fans nearly succeeded in throwing another supporter off a bridge. Furthermore, in a disheartening display, even paramedics responding to the scene were not spared.

Disturbing Incidents Follow Rayados vs. Cruz Azul Match

Highlighting the severity of the unrest, Rayados de Monterrey fans brazenly attacked an EMME ambulance loaded with vital medical equipment. Initial reports suggest that two employees were gravely hurt during this confrontation, and the ambulance itself was looted with the medical supplies stolen. Sources confirm that the Nuevo Leon Prosecutor’s Office has launched a formal inquiry to bring those behind these heinous acts to justice.

In the wake of the violence, many on social media have attributed the acts to Rayados supporters, emphasizing that the events could have easily escalated into a tragedy.

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Unexpected Defeat: Rayados Succumb to Underdog Cruz Azul

While the events off the field were distressing, the match itself held its own surprises. The powerful Rayados de Monterrey faced a shocking loss against Cruz Azul, a team that was at the bottom of the Apertura 2023 rankings.

This unexpected turn of events stirred a storm of critique on social networks. The spotlight was particularly on Sergio Canales, the Spanish star who joined Rayados amidst much fanfare but has since disappointed with his performance. Fans of the Albiazules expressed their disillusionment, openly questioning Canales’ contribution to the team.

The events of the day, both on and off the field, serve as a stark reminder of the volatile mix of intense sporting passion and the responsibility of maintaining decorum. The violence post-match has overshadowed the unexpected defeat, urging fans and authorities alike to reflect on the essence of respectful behavior in the realm of soccer.