Videos: “They are killing us”, shouted Tilín, a narco of the Gulf Cartel, before being shot down

Mexican soldiers kill Tilin, head of Gulf Cartel hitmen, during a chase and shootout in Tamaulipas, on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Tilín, head of hit men for the Gulf Cartel, was killed by Mexican soldiers in a confrontation – Photo: @FuriaNegra77, @loba_indomable and @Elblogdelosgua1 / Courtesy.

Mexican soldiers killed Ivan Segura, alias “El Tilin,” the head of the Metros hitmen cell, which serves the Gulf Cartel (CDG). An armed commando encountered elements of the Mexican Army on a highway in Miguel Aleman, in the state of Tamaulipas, on the border with the United States. Local media and social networks reported the death of the drug trafficker, but the Mexican government has not yet commented on the matter. Incidentally, a couple of videos and photographs of the gunman are circulating on Twitter.

Disclaimer: disturbing images – age proof may be required to see the respective shares on social media displayed on this page.

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The images show Ivan Segura’s body covered in blood, wearing a bulletproof vest with his nickname, the name of his armed wing and the initials of the Gulf Cartel. In addition, the van in which El Tilín was traveling was damaged by the military’s bullet wounds.

In addition, a series of photos were leaked, showing Tilin with his hitman girlfriend, identified as Mixy Padilla, who was also killed. Their bodyguards met the same fate as this couple. Another thing shared on Twitter is an audio of an alleged phone conversation between Tilin and his boss, with whom he asks for help.

-How are they doing, güey? -They are killing us, they are killing us, here they are. They’re killing us, boss, they’re killing my colleagues,” were the last words of Ivan Segura, alias “El Tilin.

Twitter users reacted immediately to the news and began sharing more videos of the narco, one showing him dancing in the streets of Tamaulipas with his rifle as his partner. El Tilin poses for a cell phone camera, shows off his best dance moves, and does not show his face, but the cartel’s initials and nickname stamped on his bulletproof vest give him away.

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