VIDEOS: Tom Brady gave unforgettable gifts to fan who handed him his 600 touchdown ball in the NFL

Tom Brady (# 12) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers throws a pass in the first quarter of the game against the Chicago Bears.

Photo: Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady starred in another historic game in the NFL by getting the 600th touchdown pass of his career and also became the hero of the fans again after making a memorable memory exchange with one of the fans who was also the protagonist of the feat done by the legendary player.

Brady had a memory that he wanted to be returned to by a fan in the stands and another that he wanted to give away to his biggest fan after his last performance.

Both Brady fans left Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, happy and happy after taking center stage on the day that the greatest quarterback of all time led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 38-3 thrashing of the Chicago. Bears and he became the first player in the history of the National Football League (NFL) to throw 600 touchdowns.

Wide receiver Mike Evans took the 600th touchdown with six seconds left in the first quarter and quickly dropped the ball to kneel.

He quickly picked it up, but didn’t give it back to Brady. He gave it to a fan in the end zone seats, then he briefly celebrated with his quarterback before they both returned to the Buccaneers gang.

Evans, who would catch two more touchdown shots from Brady in Sunday’s game, was caught off guard once he got back to the sideline and realized what he had done.

“I gave the ball away!” He told Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians, a look of dismay crossing his face as he sat on the team bench.

Arians joked after the game, saying that he told Evans that he would have to offer the fan two jerseys to get the ball back from Brady.

A team manager recovered the soccer ball from the fan in exchange for another game ball and other items given to him by both Brady and Evans.

The trade closed with two signed Buccaneers jerseys, a signed team helmet, a $ 1,000 gift certificate to purchase at the team’s pro shop.

In addition to two season tickets 2021 and 2022, a bitcoin, currently valued at $ 62,000, Evans’ shirt and boots.

“Actually, I don’t keep too many things. In that circumstance, I felt it might be good to keep it, ”Brady stated.

When told that the fan gladly returned the memory, explaining that he couldn’t say no to Tom Brady, the quarterback responded, “That’s great. He’ll get something cute in return, so we’ll get him a helmet or a couple of t-shirts or something else. So it was really cool of him to do that. “

Monday night Peyton and Eli Manning had Brady as a guest on their ESPN2 telecast “Monday Night Football” to joke with the seven-time champion.

Peyton taunted Brady about Evans’ pitiful gift, asking if he got it back. “Yes,” Brady said.

With approximately 80 seconds left in Sunday’s game, Brady stepped into the stands and handed a Buccaneers “Crucial Catch” hat, which is part of the league’s cancer awareness campaign in October, to Noah Reeb. , 9, who attended the meeting with a sign that read: “Tom Brady helped me beat brain cancer.”

The boy, whose father, James, wrote on Instagram that it was his son’s first NFL game, broke down in tears when he met Brady and got the cap.

“That was very sweet,” Brady declared. “Obviously a tough guy. It puts a lot in perspective of what we are doing in the field. In the end, it doesn’t mean much compared to what so many people have to deal with in their daily lives. ”

Brady, 44, praised the great work that many players do off the field as well as the NFL, something that he described as “great”, and reiterated that his philosophy is to always think about doing the best you can under any circumstance.

Brady isn’t just the all-time leader in touchdown passes. He also leads the season with 21 TD pitches and just three interceptions in seven games. They have been contested 6-1 by the Buccaneers, the best start in franchise history.

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