Vieira’s prophecy sees Anuel AA fighting for custody following Yailin’s abuse allegations

Venezuelan seer Vieira offers predictions about Anuel and Yailin's feud, custody battle, and career paths, stirring the music world.

Esteemed Venezuelan clairvoyant, Vieira, has made a prediction concerning the recent public feud between singers Anuel, 6ix9ine, and Yailin. The latest public interaction involved Yailin issuing a potent statement via social media where she accused Anuel, her then-boyfriend, of physical abuse during her pregnancy.

Vieira’s prophecy revolves around the custody of the baby shared by the couple.

Prior Confirmation and Anuel’s Accusations

Preceding this prediction, Vieira had already verified Yailin’s online allegations against Anuel, in which she claimed to be a victim of his abuse.

The psychic clarified, “It was true that he hit her while she was pregnant if it is true. Here I confirm again that he hit her and yelled at her. She didn’t know what she was going to find. He is a compulsive narcissist. Yailin will not keep quiet. Yailin has enough evidence”.

Vieira’s Predictions Calm the Storm

In light of the drama, numerous followers began to question the authenticity of the feud, speculating if it was just a publicity stunt for more followers or views.

Vieira Vidente’s prediction, however, put to rest the users’ doubts by confirming that these events indeed transpired.

Clairvoyance with Respect and Transparency

Vieira conveyed her insights respectfully, stating that her intentions were not to offend any of the involved parties. She further hinted at more revelations: “This scandal so far begins, faces we see, hearts we do not know, the things that will come to light will leave more than one with his mouth open.” She continued, “God of life, here is everything, so clear as water. The world is going to find out about several things that Anuel has done because he has not been a good person as he claims to be.”

Anuel’s Daughter and Custody Battle

Vieira’s prediction related to the couple’s child was that Anuel would not let anyone else, especially Tekashi, raise his daughter. She forewarned of a custody battle due to Yailin’s new relationship with 6ix9ine, a U.S. singer with a history of legal issues and online disputes with Anuel.

“Anuel AA will take custody of the baby. So Yailin, you must be much more careful. I know you are a warrior,” Vieira advised. She added, “Pretty soon, everyone will be in court, trying to solve their problems. I don’t see Anuel getting off easy because Yailin has strong evidence against the reggaetonero.”


Yailin’s Intended Book and Anuel’s Career Predicament

The psychic also unveiled Yailin’s plan to publish a book unveiling secrets about her past relationship with Karol G. Vieira predicted that Anuel would face professional challenges as he may lose many of his followers.

Yailin’s Alleged Threat to Anuel AA Goes Viral

The controversy spread through social media, with Tekashi 6ix9ine, Yailin’s new partner, coming to her defense and attacking Anuel AA. Amid the constant back-and-forth messages on Instagram and Twitter, fans joined the fray supporting their respective artists.

Recently, an alleged audio of Yailin threatening Anuel went viral. In this audio, shared by Telemundo Atlanta, the voice presumed to be Yailin’s is heard saying: “so that he pays for what he is doing” (pa’ que él pague lo que está haciendo”).