Vietnam: A journey of consciousness

I write these lines after experiencing one of the most powerful journeys of consciousness in recent times. After two years of the pandemic, we went to Vietnam and we were delighted to return to the destinations with the eyes of a tourist and accompanied by other observers attentive to the wonders that the world has for us.
Vietnam is an amazing country, for some, almost magical! It captivates for the beauty of its landscapes, its people, the spirituality that distinguishes it, its ancient culture, the high mountains, the mighty rivers, its enormous coastal strip and the formidable rice plantations.
Also noteworthy are its myths and legends, which come to life over the years, despite the development of science and technology. The stories that surround it have ceased to be that to become a reason for faith so deep that no evidence, however scientific it may be, has ever been able to change.
For the Vietnamese people its origin is mythological. If you ask a Vietnamese about the origin of his people, he will answer: “he was born from the union of the dragon and the fairy”. Centuries after centuries, the Vietnamese nurture this legend and carefully cultivate it.
What I liked most about this destination was surrendering to the designs of the mind and allowing the possibility of knowing its cities, towns and monuments from spirituality to emerge. The one who believes before seeing, who is proud of the history of his ancestors.
On the other hand, I always say that, more than the places, the trips are marked by the group that accompanies you. In this case, this group of consciousness explorers and the impeccable organization of our friend Maykert González from Recreación del Ser, made the difference in this two-week journey.
Now we begin to prepare for September, when we will visit a spectacular destination, something unique in the world, and where the northernmost capital in the world is located. This is Iceland, a land marked by volcanic activity and the Vikings.
Although this trip is reserved exclusively for members of our Circle of Influence (our most specialized program that includes a life master’s degree in knowledge and experiences), I will be telling you about it through my social networks when the time comes.
Thank you God for allowing me to enjoy and at the same time, be an instrument for other people to approach destinations and return home with a new point of view about life and its infinite possibilities.
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