Violence Erupts in Argentina Amateur Soccer After Referee Stabs Player in El Dorado, Misiones

Shocking attack in Argentine amateur league: 60-year referee drew knife, repeatedly stabbed 21-year footballer mid-match.

A shocking sequence of violence took place during an amateur soccer match in El Dorado, Misiones, Argentina, last weekend. What began as a dispute over a referee’s decision ultimately escalated into a brutal stabbing attack on the field.

The violent affair was sparked after the referee, 60-year-old Remigio, made a questionable call. 21-year-old Kevin, described by his uncle Héctor as “the Messi of the family,” approached Remigio to voice his disagreement. Tensions quickly mounted when Kevin’s father entered the field and proceeded to push the referee.

Referee’s Extreme Reaction: Pulls Out Knife and Stabs Player

The player was helped by his teammates. Photo: screenshot.
The player was helped by his teammates. Photo: screenshot.

Witnesses say Remigio became angered after being shoved by Kevin’s father. In a fit of rage, he pulled out a knife and began wildly stabbing Kevin, the young striker.

“Kevin is alive by miracle,” said Héctor in an interview with Argentinian media C5N. “He is well gifted to play soccer.”

Teammates rushed to remove Kevin from the pitch, carrying the bleeding athlete off the field, as seen in video clips circulating on social media. He narrowly escaped death, given the severity of his wounds.

Referee Arrested, Player Recovering

The aggressor was arrested. Photo: special.
The aggressor was arrested. Photo: special.

Local authorities have arrested Remigio following the unprovoked attack. Kevin remains hospitalized, though relatives say he is in stable condition and recovering from his injuries.

The shocking violence has sent ripples through Argentina’s amateur soccer community, serving as another ugly episode in the sport’s history of referee attacks.

While investigations continue, one thing remains clear: this dispute over a mere refereeing decision nearly cost a young athlete his life. The consequences reflect the troubling escalation of violence in soccer at all game levels.