Violent incidents in Sabana Abajo and Puerto Nuevo in Puerto Rico leave four women dead

Violence escalates as four women die over the weekend; 2023 sees a decline in female homicides compared to 2022.

In a tragic turn of events, four women have tragically lost their lives over the weekend, marking a rising concern over violent incidents in the region.

At 12:13 p.m. today, a woman was fatally shot near a park on Route 190 in the Sabana Abajo neighborhood of Carolina. Authorities from the Homicide Division are investigating the case alongside forensic scientists from the Institute of Forensic Sciences. The identity of the victim remains undisclosed.

Earlier in the day, another woman faced a gruesome fate. Narda Castillo, known to reside in an apartment on De Diego Avenue, was stabbed around 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of De Diego and Piñero Avenues in Puerto Nuevo. She later succumbed to her injuries while receiving Río Piedras Medical Center treatment.

Investigation Insights

The San Juan Criminal Investigations Corps’ Homicide Division has been actively probing the stabbing incident. Surveillance footage from businesses at the crime’s intersection reveals two men involved in the attack, with one physically assaulting Castillo and the other delivering the fatal stab wounds.

Police sources mention that Castillo, believed to have had mental health challenges, had been previously targeted for reportedly overturning trash cans belonging to businesses in the area.

A Snapshot of Violence

The year has recorded a total of 27 female victims of homicide, with 12 cases attributed to gender-based violence. This marks a slight decline from the same time in 2022, when 33 women were reportedly killed, with 12 cases linked to gender violence.

The weekend alone has seen seven reported murders, bringing the year’s violent death toll to 319. This figure, however grim, does show an improvement, with a reduction of 86 cases compared to the previous year.

The community is grappling with the weight of these tragedies, calling for more stringent measures to safeguard vulnerable groups and ensure justice is served for victims. The authorities remain vigilant, seeking to bring perpetrators to justice swiftly.