Violent Thursday: Vehicles and an Oxxo are set on fire in Ciudad Juárez

Fire started in a convenience Oxxo store and six cars by presumed members of organized crime triggered the mobilization of security forces in Juarez, Chihuahua.

Since Thursday morning, the intentional burning of personnel transport units to the west and southeast of the city has been reported. The first of them was set on fire in the Los Aztecas neighborhood, and one more in the Carlos Castillo Peraza neighborhood.

The Municipal Public Security Secretariat of Juárez reported that a total of six vehicles were intentionally set on fire, three of them trucks, a car, a Van and a cargo truck, all of them within an hour.

Oxxo burns in Ciudad Juarez

According to videos circulating on social networks, the affected convenience store is located on Avenida Talamás Camandari.

According to El Heraldo de Chihuahua, the violence also spread to a junkie and a police booth, which generated an intense mobilization of municipal and state agents, the Attorney General’s Office and the Mexican Army throughout the city.

It was said that unknown individuals set fire to the yonke located behind the Oxxo store, but the flames soon spread throughout the establishment.

So far no people or agents injured by this wave of criminal acts have been reported and no people have been detained.