Viral TikTok, boy tries to prevent his TV from being seized, breaks down in tears

It has been shared Viral TikTok of a child who witnesses how lien staff start to disconnect your televisionto take it away, they remove the device from the cabinet while the minor breaks down crying.


People empathized with the child of the viral TikTok TikTok, will have a lawsuit

he video can be seen that a family member of the child stops him so that don’t lunge at people that they are taking the television, well Angel is apparently disturbed, you can hear that in tears says:

“No, no, don’t take her”

It was through the TikTok platform that the video went viral. of a television embargoit can be seen that despite of the child’s plea people did not stop the embargo.

People empathized with the viral TikTok boy

After a TikTok user will publish the video with the title “Like when they are seizing you and they take your TV where you play fortnite”, due to the situation that arises quickly went viral.

In the video you can see the comments of several people who let us know your disagreement with the actions of the embargoers, as well as his “sadness” Seeing how the child cries and asks that his television not be taken, some wrote:

“Any kid would react like that, if they’re taking away your only means of entertainment. It’s not worth it. What hurts are the cries of the child”

TikTok lawsuit

TikTok, will have a lawsuit

Relatives of a 10 year old girl have initiated a lawsuit against TikTok for the death of the minor, because he lost his life when carrying out the challenge “Blackout Challenge” that appeared in the suggestions section of the app.

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