Viral TikTok shows granny’s iconic reaction to receiving figure of El Buki

The reaction of a grandmother when receiving a life-size figure of her “boyfriend”, El Buki, It has gone viral on social media. The Viral TikTok has become so popular that even reached the singer Marco António Soliswho replied and sent a hug “live and in full color” to the woman.

It was the user Jenifer Daniela, who through her social networks shared the video that showed the reaction of the singer’s “eternal lover”, who looks quite surprised and does not stop sending kisses to her new gift.

In a first video shared by the user, she explains that her grandmother has always been in love with Marco Antonio Solis, so she and her brothers decided to give her a life-size cardboard cutout of the singer for May 10. It also shows the assembly process.

Granny’s tender reaction on viral TikTok

Granny was excited to see her gift Currently the singer is 62 years old

The important date finally arrived and the grandchildren decided to surprise their grandmother, so they placed the cardboard figure outside the house and knocked on the door, when the grandmother opened it they shouted “Surprise!”

Granny’s reaction was invaluable, as he shouted with emotion and did not stop sending compliments to his cardboard figure, referring to him as “chulada” while blowing him kisses. For their part, the grandchildren only laughed at the situation and were happy for their grandmother.

Granny had more gifts for Mother’s Day, but as the video showed, her favorite gift was her “cardboard boyfriend.” The TikTok video reached such popularity that even got to the singerwho from his Twitter account sent a hug to the woman.

“Next time they let me know and we organize ourselves to give him a hug live and in full color !!!! Congratulations and a hug with my best wishes,” he wrote.

How old is Buki?

The singer is currently 62 years old.

The singer Marco Antonio Solís, better known as “El Buki”, was born on December 29, 1959, which is why he is currently he is 62 years old. The singer has managed to captivate her audience, including the protagonist of this viral TikTok, who could not handle the emotion after her grandchildren gave her a life-size cardboard figure of the singer.

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