Viral TikTok test shows if your dog is smart

You dog is smart? That is the question that many people have asked themselves, so knowing that, a viral test on TikTok who responds

For pet lovers, you could spend hours watching TikTok videos giving advice or teaching how to train your pet.

But recently a video has become popular and it is that it shows how to know if our canine pet is intelligent or not.

Is your dog smart?

Dogs are pretty smart, but if you want to prove it there is a viral test. Follow the viral test and you will know how awake your pet is.

First of all, in AmericanPost.News We clarify that the test we are going to talk about is not clinically approved, but it is the most viral of the moment, on the other hand to know if the dog is intelligent or not You will not need to suffer either since everything is harmless.

What is true is that the video is so funny because of the dog’s reaction that it will surely think “my human has gone even crazier than it already was.”

It turns out that the viral challenge is to see the reaction of the dogs to being approached against the wall, everything depends on what it does can tell you if your dog is intelligent or not.

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test for the dog

Follow the viral test and you will know how awake your pet is.

The dog test consists of approaching the dog to a wall, this while it is held in the arms and with its legs in front.

If when approaching the wall it protects itself by supporting its legs, it is intelligent. If, on the other hand, he gets carried away to the wall, sorry, your dog is just precious or trusts you too much to fend for himself.

This viral test to know if the dog is intelligent or not It has captivated many users who have followed this model, which is why the hashtag #smartdogchallenge also went viral.

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