VIRAL: worker was trapped in mechanical game that failed

A worker of a amusement park in Jacksonville, FL was injured after getting caught in one of the carnival rides.

Despite the fact that these amusement sites regularly review the mechanical attractions, also for some type of failure accidents can occur.

It was the case of the operator, Davontai Lee, 28 years oldwho lived moments of tension by getting stuck between the metals of the structure. Police reported that the subject was there for about 15 minutes,

After that time, a couple of rescuers They managed to help him. The man told the local press that he thought he would die, it is not yet known if the worker will take legal action against the park.

Now, the truth is that in many parts of the world there are accidents in amusement parks, which is why constant review by local authorities of these places that are highly frequented by young people and families is necessary.

Video of the worker went viral

The farmer – in the middle of his shift at the amusement park – was trapped from the waist down, in one of the mechanical attractions.

The protagonist of this painful accident, according to witnesses to the event, came down so he could rescue someone else’s hat. Suddenly, a giant plate fell on him and immobilized him.

While imprisoned by that plate, the subject desperately shouts “it hurts”, in front of the eyes of other people who try to help him.

After remaining imprisoned for 15 minutes, he was finally able to be removed from the place to be put in a care center, where he recovered from the wounds suffered.

Meanwhile, those responsible for the amusement park have stated that said attraction had no faults and that is why it continues to operate normally.

What does an amusement ride operator do?

They check that people are securely fastened.

Amusement ride operators are responsible for the safety of people using amusement parks. They check that people are securely fastened for the race and must watch them at all times. They also have to make sure the trip is orderly and safe.

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