Viralize intimate video and death of Yeimi Rivera, ‘La Niña Spider’

Yeimi Rivera, a Colombian minor who goes by the nickname “Spider Girl,” has become a trend on social networks after a sexual video of her and her ex-partner was leaked.

The explicit video was posted on Facebook and was quickly replicated by other social networks. Apparently it could have been Rivera’s ex-partner who leaked the video, so the rumors suggested that he could have killed him.

Amid the speculation, AmericanPost.News has searched more about it and this is what is known at the moment.

Yeimi Rivera, ‘The Spider Girl, viral by intimate video

The Colombian minor and her explicit video.

Since the night of June 21, an explicit video of a minor under 14 years old, named Yeimi Rivera and who is nicknamed ‘La Niña Spider’ on the internet, began to circulate through Facebook.

The sister of the minor said that the material released by one of the former couples, and that she has also been threatened. The video is also said to be from 2020.

Being a delicate and intimate subject, the networks block it, so mass dissemination may have been the cause of the alleged death by Yeimi Rivera.

Death of Yeimi Rivera

In social networks it is stated that Yeimi Rivera died of suicide.

After Yeimi Rivera’s sex tape, ‘La Niña Spider’, went viral, people began to say that she had passed away due to the pressure she felt.

But the sister denied such news, saying that the “Spider Girl” is very bad in the face of the situation, but she had not died.

And it seems that Yeimi Rivera, ‘The Spider Girl’, is going through a very hard time in her life and is having periods of depression and anxiety, due to all the social pressure that the viral video caused, but also caused problems with family and friends.