Virginia man wins $3 million lottery 3 years after his brother won $1 million

The winning brother ultimately walked away with $1.8 million dollars, after paying the required federal and state taxes.

Photo: RODWORKS/Shutterstock

Apparently, luck can also run in the family. And this seems to be the case a man from Virginia who got the surprise of his life by winning a jackpot with a scratch-off lottery ticket years after the same thing happened to his brother.

Not too long ago in 2019, Terry Mudd won $1 million playing a Virginia Lottery scratch-off ticket.

However, it seems that his brother, named Danny Mudd, did not want to be left behind, because he recently bought a game ticket and ended up hitting the $3 million jackpot.

“I couldn’t believe it!” Danny Mudd told lottery officials as he went to collect his prize.

Danny Mudd decided to take the option of collecting the money in the form of a one-time cash payment of $1.8 million.after paying the required federal and state taxes.

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