Visual challenge: Find the word Apple in the image in less than 30 seconds

If you are currently at the point of the day when you are free from any pending and you find yourself on the internet looking for something to entertain yourself, here you will find a visual challenge that requires all your attention and visual ability to be able to solve it.

So we invite you to put aside anything that can distract you in order to solve the visual challenge, because you just have a certain amount of time to do it.

The following visual riddle, in addition to making you have a good time, will help you strengthen your brain, preventing any kind of dementia.

In the following image you can see an illustration where some children appear cutting apples. the visual challenge It consists of finding the word “Apple” in the image in just 30 seconds.

It should be noted that 98% of people could not solve the visual riddle due to its complexity, so we invite you to be attentive and remove distractions before answering.

The answer:

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