Vive Latino 2024 Lineup Revealed Through Interactive Game Experience

Beloved acts like Maná and Paramore join Vive Latino's 2024 lineup revealed through an innovative online game experience.

The iconic Vive Latino music festival has just announced their full artist lineup for their 2024 edition in an innovative way – via an online video game. For the first time ever, festival organizers utilized gaming technology to gradually unveil the roster of musicians, much to the delight of eager fans.

Game Allows Fans to Unlock Lineup in Phases

Rather than dropping the entire lineup at once, Vive Latino constructed an Atari-style game that required fans to “break blocks” in order to reveal the names of bands and artists. The game was structured in multiple phases, with each phase adding more famous acts to the unveiled roster once completed.

This creative approach allowed the festival to build excitement and engagement in the lead-up to the official lineup announcement. Fans got a thrill from playing the game and unlocking their favorite acts. The phased format also enabled Vive Latino to showcase different genres and spotlight artists in each phase.

Platform Issues Initially Prevent Access for Eager Fans

However, the rollout did not go entirely smoothly. The festival’s website and game platform were quickly overwhelmed by the influx of fans attempting to access the game all at once. Many eager players reported frustration at not being able to enter the game upon launch.

The technical difficulties led some fans to voice annoyance on social media when the anticipated game was inaccessible. But festival organizers had planned for this contingency.

Back-Up Twitch Livestream Saves the Day

In a savvy back-up strategy, Vive Latino had partnered with Twitch streamer Barca Gamer to play through the game live so fans could watch. This partnership allowed the lineup reveal to continue on Twitch even as many fans couldn’t access the game directly.

The stream enabled viewers to experience the phases of the game vicariously and see each artist unveiled in real time. This creative adaptation transformed a potential PR problem into an engaging interactive experience for fans globally.

Lineup Reveal Adds to Festival’s Innovative Reputation

The phased video game announcement aligned perfectly with Vive Latino’s reputation for creative marketing and lineup reveals. Past editions have announced artists via musical clues, social media campaigns, and other innovative strategies.

This interactive game joins the festival’s history of imaginative and experiential lineup announcements that echo the vibrant spirit of the festival. Vive Latino caters primarily to a Millennial and Gen Z demographic, making the gamified approach a natural fit.

Beloved Acts New and Old Complement 2024 Roster

Beyond the fun reveal, the lineup itself boasts an impressive collection of diverse Latin alternative artists both fresh and familiar. While the full 100+ act lineup has not been finalized, phases unveiled so far have included beloved Mexican pop trio Belanova, international sensations Maná, long-running Colombian cumbia band Los Cafres, and many more.

Classic Latin rock groups like Argentina’s Babasónicos and Mexico’s own El Tri also populate the lineup. More mainstream American acts like Paramore and Portugal. The Man add an international flavor. Up-and-coming Latin rap and hip-hop artists like C-Kan bring youth appeal.

Change of Venue Accommodates Growing Festival Scale

In addition to the new lineup, Vive Latino 2024 will also take place at a new venue. After years of hosting the festival at Foro Sol stadium, organizers have moved the event to the larger Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez racing track.

This venue change will allow the rapidly expanding festival to accommodate its growing crowds and production needs. The larger space may also enable Vive Latino to book even more high-profile headliners and continue diversifying the genres represented.

Presale Tickets Available for Citibanamex Cardholders

According to the festival’s social media pages, presale tickets will be available starting November 15th exclusively for Citibanamex cardholders. The general on-sale will follow on November 16th.

Many fans are eagerly awaiting ticket sales to secure their entry to what is sure to be an unforgettable Vive Latino 2024. The lineup reveal has only amplified the hype around the iconic Latin music festival’s 2024 edition.

However, the headliners -main artists- were announced at 6:30 p.m. on the official social networks and are as follows:

Vive Latino 2024 Official Lineup

  • Babasónicos
  • Bad Religion
  • Maná
  • Paramore
  • Black Veil Brides
  • Fito Paez
  • Portugal the man
Official poster for Vive Latino 2024 (Instagram/@vivelatino)
Official poster for Vive Latino 2024 (Instagram/@vivelatino)
  • Cartel de Santa
  • Junior H
  • La Adictiva
  • Scorpions
  • Panteón Rococó
  • Silvana Estrada
  • Gogol Bordello

Other artists to perform include Akil Ammar, Banda Baston, Jaze, Buenrostro, Millonario, among others.

Vive Latino Announces Part of the Lineup in a Video Game

The names of some singers and bands were unveiled in a Twitch broadcast on the Amazon Music en Vivo channel, and the guest was content creator Barca Gamer.

The transmission began at 17:00, the time in which the guest presented what would be the dynamic. The artists were mentioned through a video game on the official website of the festival, which can still be played at this link.

The first 15 artists released so far during the live on level 1.

Artists of the first level of the video game for the Vive Latino line-up (Screenshot Vive Latino)
Artists of the first level of the video game for the Vive Latino line-up (Screenshot Vive Latino)
  • Kachiporros
  • Danny Lux
  • Kevin Kaarl
  • Muerdo
  • Los Babasónicos
  • Peces Raros
  • Jorge Drexler
Jorge Drexler will be at Vive Latino 2024 (Screenshot Vive Latino)
Jorge Drexler will be at Vive Latino 2024 (Screenshot Vive Latino)
  • Los ramblers band
  • Lori Meyers
  • Banda Bastón
  • El columpio asesino
  • Dante Spinetta
  • Los infierno
  • The Warning

Artists Revealed on Level 2 Vive Latino 2024

This is the game to meet the artists (Twitch/amazonmusicenvivo)
This is the game to meet the artists (Twitch/amazonmusicenvivo)
  • Sad Breakfast
  • La pegatina
  • La vela puerca
  • C-KAN
  • San Pascualito Rey
  • Los muchachos
  • Panteón Rococó
  • Kerigma
  • De Pedro
  • James
  • Silvana Estrada

Artists Revealed in Level 3 of the Vive Latino 2024 Videogame

Belanova was the big surprise for the Vive Latino 2024 lineup in this level of the dynamic (Screenshot)
Belanova was the big surprise for the Vive Latino 2024 lineup in this level of the dynamic (Screenshot)
  • Los Choclok
  • Hombres G
  • Destripando la historia
  • Marissa Mur
  • Slot Machine
  • Belanova
  • Depresión Sonora
  • YSY A
  • La Castañeda 35 S
  • Sabino
  • No te va a gustar
  • Alcholyricos
  • Florian
  • Bratty

Artists Revealed in Level 4 for Vive Latino 2024 Lineup

Among the saturation of the official page of Vive Latino, the content creator Barca Gamer announced that the other levels would be available from time to time.

Level 4 of the Vive Latino game (Screenshot)
Level 4 of the Vive Latino game (Screenshot)
  • Cabra
  • Los cafres
  • Sussie 4
  • Semisonic
  • Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
  • Nash
  • Future Islands
  • Isaac & Nora
  • Chingadazo de Kung Fu
  • Diamante Eléctrico
  • Bad Religion
  • Las ultrasónicas
  • Sonido Gallo Negro
  • José Madero

Vive Latino 2024 Lineup on Playlist

This year, the festival has taken a bold step by announcing that it would reveal its lineup through the exclusive Vive Latino 2024 playlist presented by Amazon, which was available for free to music lovers and Amazon Music users on the app, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what could be in store for festival goers.

Currently, the full artists in the playlist have not been updated, only the ones that are coming up in the game. Barca Gamer mentioned that after 6:30 p.m., the traditional lineup would be released on social networks.

Vive Latino 2024 will be March 16 and 17, 2024 at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez (Screenshot/@amazonmex)
Vive Latino 2024 will be March 16 and 17, 2024 at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodriguez (Screenshot/@amazonmex)

Among the names that will star in the next edition were King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Belanova, Green Day, System of a Down, Hello Seahorse, El Tri, Instituto Mexicano del Sonido, and The Warning, among others. Many of the songs on the playlist just formed the phrase: “Patience, soon you’ll know who’s going to play during…”

This eclectic group of participants will be able to satisfy the tastes of all attendees, from alternative rock fans to fans of electronic music and classic Mexican rock. In addition to national and international figures of rock, reggae, trap, and regional Mexican music.

Amazon's playlist will be updated soon with the full lineup (Screenshot).
Amazon’s playlist will be updated soon with the full lineup (Screenshot).

As the main sponsor, Amazon has promised to take the Vive Latino experience to new heights. The company is preparing several innovations that will surely surprise and delight attendees through its technology and various services, such as its Amazon Store, Amazon Music, Amazon Prime, Twitch, and Alexa. With Amazon and Amazon Music as the main stages, a perfect fusion of live music and cutting-edge technology is expected.

The Vive Latino festival presented by Amazon is scheduled for Saturday, March 16, and Sunday, March 17, 2024, at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City. This iconic venue will be transformed into the epicenter of the music scene, welcoming thousands of fans eager to immerse themselves in the vibrant energy and unforgettable performances that Vive Latino always delivers.

When is the Presale for Vive Latino 2024?

The Vive Latino 2024 pre-sale will begin on November 15 at Ticketmaster (Screenshot/@amazonmex)
The Vive Latino 2024 pre-sale will begin on November 15 at Ticketmaster (Screenshot/@amazonmex)

As is customary, the pre-sale of tickets will be exclusive for Citibanamex cardholders starting November 15; however, there will likely be other pre-sales exclusively for Citibanamex customers at Ticketmaster.

Pay attention to the following possible presale dates and times:

  • Presale Beyond and Prestige – 14:00 h.
  • Presale Priority – 09:00 h
  • Citibanamex Exclusive Presale – 2:00 p.m.
  • General Sale – 2:00 p.m.

As usual, Citibanamex will offer up to 3 months interest-free on transactions over 3 thousand pesos, as seen today in an Amazon video.

What’s Next: A Memorable Milestone Edition

With the new venue, innovatively announced lineup, and presales imminent, Vive Latino 2024 is gearing up to be a milestone 25th anniversary celebration. The festival maintains its reputation as one of the premier destinations for the best and most exciting Latin alternative music.

The energy around the 2024 edition promises to make it one of Vive Latino’s most memorable years yet. Fans can expect plenty more surprises and announcements between now and next March when the festival returns to Mexico City for a history-making year.