ViX+’s ‘Antics of the Bad Girl’ with Macarena Achaga and Juan Pablo Di Pace Record in Paris and London

ViX+ filming has started onBad Girl antics“, the new premium series of the TelevisaUnivision streaming service. The production has international locations such as Paris and London.

John Paul DiPace (“Fuller House”) will star in the romantic series, along with the already announced Macarena Achaga (“Miss XV”).

The expert screenwriter Maria Lopez Castano (“Guardian Devil”) wrote the series based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by the Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa. the renowned director Alexander Bazzano(“Money Heist”), is directing the ViX+ Original series, which W Studios is producing. David Azcano (“Money Heist”, “Sky Rojo”, “Bose”, “Isabel”) has joined the production as the show’s cinematographer.

It is a privilege to play the role of Ricardo Somocurcio, perhaps Mario Vargas Llosa’s most idealistic hero when it comes to love. A translator whose eternal love for ‘the bad girl’ transcends time and space”, said Juan Pablo Di Pace. “It is very exciting to play him from 25 to 55 years old – from the sixties to the eighties – in Paris, London, Mexico, Madrid and Tokyo, and speak Spanish, English and French. From one country to another, she will drive him crazy, but he will always follow her. In many ways the series is unprecedented, and I am very proud to be working on it with the brilliant ViX+. It really is my dream job.”

Juan Pablo Di Pace is Ricardo in ‘Antics of the Bad Girl’. / Photo: ViX+

Seeing the first scenes of this unique series filmed in Paris is a dream come true“, said Patrick Wills, president of W Studios. “With ViX+ we are producing this incredible series based on this beautiful book by Mario Vargas Llosa. Not only are we shooting in the original locations in Europe, but we will be able to accurately represent an era that marked a drastic change in world culture.”

Juan Pablo Di Pace and Macarena Achaga recording 'Antics of the Bad Girl' in Paris
Juan Pablo Di Pace and Macarena Achaga recording ‘Travesuras de la Niña Mala’ in Paris. / Photo: ViX+

I am delighted and grateful to be able to shoot a series based on one of my favorite novels by Mario Vargas Llosa.“, said Alexander Bazzano. “Recreating the convulsive universe of this stormy love story is an exciting challenge, and I have no doubt that it will be a great success.”

Director Alejandro Bazzano and cinematographer David Azcano of 'Antics of the Bad Girl'
Director Alejandro Bazzano and cinematographer David Azcano of ‘Antics of the Bad Girl’. Photo: ViX+

“Bad Girl Shenanigans” tells the epic and romantic story of the adventurous maverick Arlette, and her teenage love, Ricardo, who is stuck in a predictable rut. Thanks to Arlette, she learns to gradually get out of her element. The lives of the two characters are intertwined over the course of 40 years in meetings in Lima, Paris, Madrid, Tokyo and London, among other cities. The “bad girl” challenges us to question life on autopilot, to transform ourselves and take responsibility for it, in search of happiness while feeling immortal. The story asks what life is worth without those moments in which we forget that everything comes to an end.

'Antics of the Bad Girl' will have locations in London
‘Antics of the Bad Girl’ will have locations in London. / Photo: ViX+

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