Vladimir Putin says NATO ignored Russia’s main concerns

The Russian President, Vladimir Putinsaid U.S and the NATO had not addressed Moscow’s main security demands in their standoff over Ukrainebut they were ready to continue talking.

Putin offered his first reaction to US and NATO responses to Russia’s demands in a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron after weeks of personal public silence on the brewing crisis.

The Kremlin cited to President Vladimir Putin telling Macron that he would study the responses provided by Washington and NATO this week before deciding on further action.

“Attention was drawn to the fact that the US and NATO responses did not take into account Russia’s main concerns,” the Kremlin said of Putin’s conversation with Macron.

Vladimir Putin concerned about NATO expansion

Vladimir Putin says NATO ignored Russia’s main concerns.

He listed those concerns as preventing NATO expansion, not deploying offensive weapons near Russia’s borders, and returning NATO’s “military capabilities and infrastructures” to what they were before the former Warsaw Pact states in Eastern Europe. join the alliance.

It also seeks assurances that Ukraine will be permanently barred from joining NATO. “The key question was ignored: how does the United States and its allies intend to follow the principle of security integrity… that no one should strengthen their security at the expense of the security of another country,” the Kremlin said.

Putin does not want the situation to escalate

Vladimir Putin says NATO ignored Russia’s main concerns.

A French presidential official said Putin had stressed that he did not want the situation to escalate, echoing conciliatory comments by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who said Moscow did not want war.

AmericanPost.News reports that the comments come after US President Joe Biden warned on Thursday that a Russian invasion of Ukraine could be imminent. In this vein, the US asked its citizens to leave Ukraine, since there is no evacuation plan like the one carried out in Afghanistan.

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